After months of preparation I finally signed up this beautiful Grifo targa for the upcoming Gooding auction in Pebble Beach. This targa rolled off the assembly line on May 25th 1970 ordered with the 300hp 327CID Corvette V8, ZF 5-speed manual transmission and Borrani wire wheels. The first owner was German and it stayed there most of it’s life.

When I imported the car into California, coming straight from Italy with a redone interior, it had been sitting for years and never really driven. It still showed the (incorrect) signs of a restoration done in the 1980-ies and needed serious help to get back into the show scene again. It’s first show was in 2005 when it was invited onto the field at the Pebble beach Concourse. I remember well how we worked through the night to get the car ready for the next day – the issue being a coating sprayed on the Borrani wire wheels which we could not remove… In the end a call to Italy explained what they used and we were able to figure out what to use to remove it. Of course then they came out perfect but it sure was a short night…

Iso Grifo targa #314 at Pebble Beach 2005, with the freshly polished Borranis.

Since then it was only driven occasionally mainly because it was part of a large Iso/Bizzarrini collection. In 2021 the decision was made to sell it and I tackled the car for some 8 months to get it as close to factory original as possible.

Replacement power plant in Iso Grifo targa #314.

Most everything got refreshed/overhauled with the major component being the motor. The Edelbrock and incorrect chromed parts it received in Germany in the 1980-ies were replaced with correct GM parts.

It got put back to it’s original configuration and in 2022 I started to put serious miles on it, mostly to break in the rebuilt motor and clear every day issues. It was often shown at the (invitation only) monthly Paradise Cove meet and the Malibu Country mart events. Of course Mickey donated his skills as co-driver!

As of June 2022 I can say the car has become a reliable driver with no issues to be addressed and it is a perfect candidate for the Gooding auction. The new owner will get a beautiful and ultra rare Grifo and should not fear having a similar one parked next to him at a show.