So, I sent you my report and you were able to make a well-founded decision on purchasing this car, then what? Once the deal is closed, do you trust the seller enough to wire him the money??? Will you actually get the car you had me inspect? I’m not being dramatic, I’ve been in deals where cars “disappeared” and were shipped with switched out (expensive) motors; “twin” cars and even with different VINs! You won’t believe what sellers come up with once the money is in. The risk is small with established dealers but it’s hard to know what goes on in a private seller’s head and what his motivation is to sell his prized car….. Well, maybe Ricky and I can help you out in this.


To take out all the guess work I offer my unique ESCROW service when the transaction goes through my bank and *I* will pick up the car, make sure it’s in the same condition as I inspected it and make sure I end up with a signed off Title and bill of sale and it will be stored in my facility until it is shipped to the buyer. No risk anymore, a sure fire way to close any deal! There is no lag time between where you send the funds upfront and the seller has all kinds of ways to make a bit more profit off you 8-).

I can assist in this in several ways, to start I can set up the Bill of Sale between you to so it is legally (close to) perfect. I will then await your bank check and hand this over to the seller once I made sure nothing about the car has been changed and that it is still in the same condition. At the same time, I will receive the signed off title and signed bill of sale and put the car on a flatbed to store it at my place. You can then decide to either have some items fixed or await the shipment to you in the US or overseas.



In the case of the actual sale will go through me (this is in about 75% of all cases now) I will make sure the car gets it’s final inspection before it is picked up. I will also make sure ALL the paperwork is correct and that I have a signed Bill of Sale so there can be no questions afterwards. The financial transaction will go through my bank so there is no risk for the buyer (or seller), please ask me for references – they will be happy to tell you how perfect this works. I will then keep the car in my own secure facility until it is picked up by you or the transporter. As a rough indicator: my escrow fee for an average local purchase (of around $20,000.00) is $450.