One Long Lost Iso Grifo – Part 4: Letting Go

After being preserved as well as possible and getting it in the best condition possible without actually restoring it – the time has come to make a decision… After much thought Sam has come to the realization his Grifo 369 is not a car he will ever dare to drive again, especially after it’s recent full recommissioning. Actually, the mere reason this car still exists like this is the fact that he could not STAND people being that careless around it and risking damage in all kinds of ways. So arrangements have been made to offer it to the public and this will be done at THE best venue for that; the Gooding Pebble Beach Auction in Monterey.

Today it was picked up and it was like saying Goodbye to an old friend. This car has taught me a lot about TRUE originality of Iso Grifos and I was able to add 1000s of detail pictures to my restoration library. I hope it ends up in good hands, this car deserves a special place in a high end collection. Thanks my friend and Happy Trails!

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1967 Iso Grifo For Sale

Exclusively for sale on my site and available immediately is this beautiful 1967 Iso Grifo GL300. The car was the Paris Show Car in 1966 and was uniquely furbished for that event; it is fully documented from new on. The paint color is unique to this car and most insiders agree this particular car was ordered by Mr. Nuccio Bertone himself – making it an Italian delivery Grifo. The car was afterwards in long term Dutch ownership where I saw it in person; a nicely kept and serviced original Grifo with proud ownership. (M. Anderssen) The car is now in the US and has received a very nice repaint and detail work which brought back it’s old glory. It is equipped with the high performance version of the 327 Corvette V8, coupled to a 4 speed manual transmission and 3.07 De Dion rear end. It is a very well handling and driving car and can be enjoyed right away. Many more pictures, just ask. No disappointments on this one! USD 435,000.00.
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