I received a call from “Sam” last summer, he stated he owned an Iso Grifo of more than 40 years and wanted me to see what his options were because he did not want to drive it anymore. I highly doubted his story because he told me he lived very close and in any normal case I would have known (about) this car. I asked for the serial number, he didn’t know it… I asked more questions and it seemed he was indeed describing a Grifo and not another Iso model. I made an appointment to come over the same week and this is what I saw when his garage door opened.

The car has been stored for decades, just moved to his new house in 2012. And there it sits; a 23000 Kilometer 1972 Series II Iso Grifo! One of a few built in this configuration: 350 Corvette engine with ZF 5-speed transmission, 4-bolt Teknomagnesio Campagnolo wheels, and Air Conditioning. Everything original: sheet metal, (most of the) paint, interior, engine, hoses, chrome, tires, exhaust system – even the air in the spare is what was put in at the Iso factory in Italy! All rubber parts had brownish goo on them and there was light surface rust on chassis and engine parts. We agreed I would recommission his car in my shop and see what he thinks when I’m done.

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